Long Island Business Associates (LIBA) members are elite business professionals, each of which offers exclusive services within their business category and specialty area. Taken as a whole, LIBA members provide all the varied services that are needed by local businesses to help them solve problems, address issues, and grow their companies.

LIBA Member
Aronica, Vivian
Becker, Ed
Berman, Joel
Brooks, Denise
Canaan, Alex
Cappelli, Lou
DeRosa, Mark
Eisenstein, Ed
Higgins, Steve
Novitz, Keith
Ritter, Bruce
Rubenstein, David
Schwartz, Lee
Selinger, Ross
Stieglitz, Dan
von Frank, Russ

The Advance Group
Outsource Your Books, LLC
Credit Insurance International
Habitech Planning & Design
ACS Consulting
J. Peat & Associates
United Network Associates
Mina Higgins
Citibank Commercial Banking Group
Larsson & Scheuritzel
WeiserMazars LLP
Law Offices of Lee A. Schwartz
Selinger Enterprises Inc
IDP Consulting Inc
Folks Insurance Agency

Moving & Storage
Credit Insurance
Architect & Designer
Payroll Services
Printing and Promotions
Employee Benefits
Computer Networks
Accounting, CPA
Banking, Commercial
Attorney, Real Estate
Accounting, CPA
Attorney, Corporate
Real Estate, Commercial
Technology Solutions

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