Long Island Business Associates (LIBA) was founded in 2002 as an exclusive networking organization of premier business professionals. Its members build solid working relationships with each other by meeting monthly as a group, by meeting one-on-one, and by working together on networking events and charitable projects. Taken as a whole, LIBA members provide all of the varied services that any company could need. Members help each other grow their businesses by giving business advice and direct referrals.

LIBA membership is open to business professionals in categories not already represented by an existing member. New member applications are subject to the approval of current members.

LIBA Premier Service Providers
Accounting, CPA (small)
Accounting, CPA (large)
Architect & Designer
Attorney, Corporate
Attorney, Real Estate
Banking, Commercial
Computer Networks
Credit Insurance
Employee Benefits
Moving & Storage
Payroll Services
Printing and Promotions
Real Estate, Commercial
Technology Solutions

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LIBA Members
Aronica, Vivian
Becker, Ed
Berman, Joel
Brooks, Denise        Board
Canaan, Alex            Board
Cappelli, Lou
DeRosa, Mark
Eisenstein, Ed
Higgins, Steve           Board
Novitz, Keith
Ritter, Bruce              Board
Rubenstein, David    Board
Schwartz, Lee
Selinger, Ross          Board
Stieglitz, Dan             Board

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