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Wireless Management and Comview's Version 4 Offering

As part of our new suite of Usage Management Services, we are placing a lot of focus on Wireless Management. As the article below discusses, between cell phones, PDAs, and Blackberrys, wireless usage is still dramatically increasing. And, our new wireless offering is much more than Call Accounting for Wireless. It's inventory management, rate plan optimization, and automated contract compliance. It provides a unique level of service to help you manage additions, moves, and changes to your plan.

Our new Version 4 service completely integrates Call Accounting, wireless, and any other telecom usage sensitive information -- such as Calling Cards and Teleconferencing. Now, all user devices, call summaries, details, and other pertinent information are shown in a single screen. For wireless, all information is available with a few mouse clicks -- including type of device, carrier information with accounts, and sub accounts, current rate plan, optional features, and contract termination dates.

Our new Version 4 will be rolled out to existing users over the next six months. We will be contacting all of our customers in advance, as we make this transition.

We value your comments and suggestions about the Comview Communicator or anything else. So, please call me at 631-935-1901 or
e-mail me at

Best regards, John Perri



How big is your piece of the $15 billion windfall?

In the waning days of May 2006, the IRS surrendered in its court fight to keep receiving revenue from the Federal Excise Tax (FET). This tax was originally implemented in 1898 to help fund the Spanish American War. It meant a 3% tax on all long distance, local, and cell phone calls.

This landmark case made the point that the law was designated for calls that were priced on a mileage basis. That method of long distance call pricing hasn't been in use for years. Currently, local calls are not in the refund ruling, but the lawyers who argued for the repeal will be going back to court to include local calls. Consumers and corporations can claim refunds dating back three years and shouldn't see this tax on future phone bills.

Consumers can file their refund claim when they file their tax returns in 2007 for 2006. It is going to be more difficult for corporations. Corporations will need to substantiate their FET costs and file for a refund with the IRS.



Wireless Usage Management -- extending a traditional service

Most well-managed corporations have long seen the advantages of call accounting for wire line phones: cost allocation, reduction of misuse and abuse, limitation on personal calls (and their soft dollar cost in employee time), optimization of the calling network, and an overall reduction of telecom costs.

According to "The Telecom Manager's Voice Report," wire line telephone call spending is broken out as follows: local calls eat up 13% of the average telecom budget, while inbound long distance adds up to nearly 10% . . outbound long distance consumes the largest percentage of the average telecom budget - 19%.

In the few short years that cell phones went from a service that a few extravagant people used to a business and personal necessity, the costs to companies has now ballooned to 17% of the telecommunications spend. Most firms have one cell phone or other mobile device for every 4.30 employees. Spending averages over $50 per mobile device and the cost is rapidly going up with the proliferation of Blackberry devices.

What can you do to control these costs? Just like you have been using Comview's Outsourced Call Accounting services for your land line needs, you can use them for your cell phone management. You'll see the same types of benefits. Plus, just like Comview offers the optional AutoConsultant for optimization of your land line services, we offer cellular optimization. Both of these services have guaranteed ROIs.



Comview takes home the LISA Award

Comview Corporation won the prestigious Long Island Software Award (LISA) for the best software created on Long Island in 2006.

The LISA Award, sponsored by the Long Island Software & Technology Network (LISTnet), has been presented for the last 10 years to "showcase the strength and diversity of Long Island's software industry. By recognizing excellence in a wide range of software products, the LISA seeks to stimulate creative interaction among those engaged in software development and application on Long Island, and to give these activities a higher recognition."

Comview won this award for its new "Wireless Management System," which provides substantial cost reduction and control of wireless expenses. Users access all usage data via the Comview Web site, which combines all carriers' data into a single integrated view. Department managers log into the system to view usage for their employees. Our automated rate plan optimization recommends the lowest possible cost plan(s) for all users, saving substantial dollars each month.

To date, Comview is the only supplier that combines its Web-based Call Accounting Outsourcing service with its new Wireless Management Service to create a single, cohesive tool for managing all telecommunications usage expenses.

We thank LISTnet for this award. And we thank you, our customers, for your continued trust, business and support.

Developer Partners -- serving you better

Comview has joined in partnership with many of the top enterprise telecom suppliers. You can find us with Siemens, Avaya, Nortel and Cisco -- to name just a few. These major firms and Comview are working together to bring you the best in outsourced call accounting services.


  Comview takes the hassle out of telecommunications management by providing outsourced comprehensive Usage Management Services, including PBX Call Accounting, Wireless Management, and related optimization services. We save our customers substantial day-to-day management time and reduce telecom operating expenses. Our services are used by major organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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