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Welcome to the Spring/Summer edition of the Alcott Advisor. Our feature article discusses guidelines that should be followed when disciplining employees. If you have employees then you've probably been in a situation where you've had to discipline someone. This can be a hornet's nest and not following the rules can expose you to major problems, including lawsuits. Hopefully our article will help you steer clear of trouble the next time you need to dish out a dose of employee discipline.

There's also a lot going on at Alcott, including our 20th anniversary. Enjoy the newsletter and feel free to contact us with questions or feedback.

Please let us know if there are employment-related issues you would like us to cover in the future. Send your e-mails to Al Anastasi at or call 631-420-0100.


While employers like to be able to mete out discipline where necessary, many are not aware that there are certain considerations which need be taken into account before doing so. The most important aspect of discipline is that it be consistent, fair and reasonably related to the offense committed by the employee. To assist in accomplishing this, below is a list of questions which each manager should be able to answer prior to disciplining an employee.

  1. Was there a rule, order, procedure or known performance behavior expectation (a "workplace rule or order")?
  2. Was the employee aware of the workplace rule or order?
  3. Has the workplace rule or order been enforced in the past?
  4. Was the employee forewarned of possible consequences of his/her conduct?
  5. Before administering discipline, was an effort made to discover whether the employee did, in fact, violate or disobey the workplace rule or order?
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Employee Benefit Audits Yield Savings

While it is easy to simply accept the costs of employee benefits, it is prudent to make sure your employees are making wise choices. Led by your HR professional or your Human Resources Outsourcing partner, your company can carefully evaluate your employees’ choices and, as necessary, educate them and guide them toward the best, most cost-effective selections.

It’s also important for employers to better communicate to employees the actual value of their benefit packages. Since benefit costs represent a significant portion of total compensation, it is important that you encourage your employees to look at benefits in this way as opposed to viewing them as an entitlement.

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DF Marina LLC Relies on The Alcott Group For HR Outsourcing
Services at Danfords on the Sound

The Alcott Group has been selected by DF Marina LLC, an affiliate of Westport Capital Partners LLC (Westport, CT), to provide its comprehensive Human Resources (HR) outsourcing service on behalf of Danfords on the Sound (Port Jefferson, NY). Westport Capital Partners, a leading real estate investment firm serving private and institutional investors domestically and abroad, manages the fund which owns DF Marina LLC. Danfords on the Sound, an upscale inn accompanied by a marina and waterfront dining, is a landmark property on Long Island’s North Shore.

According to Westport Capital Partners Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Nuzie, "Members of our current Management team have a long term relationship with The Alcott Group, which we knew to be one of the top Professional Employer Organizations in the New York-Metropolitan area. During the course of our relationship with Alcott, we came to recognize that having an HR outsourcing relationship with a reputable and high quality organization provides important benefits to both Management and their employees."

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  Lou Basso, Barry Shorten and their staff are celebrating Alcott’s 20th Anniversary, as well as expansion of Alcott’s Farmingdale, NY headquarters.

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Lou and Barry ran a specialized staffing firm serving the aerospace industry on Long Island. When the bottom fell out of that market in the mid 1980s, they decided to start The Alcott Group, then known as an employee leasing company. The employee leasing label has since changed to Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Alcott has evolved to become one of the most successful and reputable PEOs in NY State.

"Survival in a young industry is no small feat" says Lou Basso. "When I look back at how Alcott has evolved over the past 20 years I’m amazed. We were pioneers in bringing the employee leasing concept to the northeast and we’re still standing."

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  The Alcott Group’s Western Division recently held a seminar for not-for-profit organizations on the benefits of HR Outsourcing. Led by Alcott’s Professional Employment Advisor John H. Bradley, the seminar presented the role of HR outsourcing in helping not-for-profit organization executives, boards and financial officers with key goals. Specifically, he highlighted the role of HR outsourcing in freeing up not-for-profit executives to focus more time on their core mission, to provide better and more cost-effective benefits packages for their employees for improved staff morale and retention, and to limit employer liabilities due to non-compliance with various laws and regulations. Currently, The Alcott Group provides its HR Outsourcing services to many not-for-profit organizations who have become long-term clients.

Athena People, The Alcott Group’s Payroll Manager serving at headquarters, was named to the Long Island Business News "40 under 40" Class of 2007. The award program, developed by Long Island’s leading business publication, recognizes outstanding members of the community under the age of 40, who have distinguished themselves in the fields of business, government, education and not-for-profit. Athena People was noted for her proven track record of career success and for giving back to the community through various community service activities.

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Complimentary HR
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