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TBT Seniors Schmooze Group

You are invited to attend the Temple Beth Torah (TBT) Seniors Schmooze group meeting at
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on Mon Mar 20, 2017 at the temple. All attendees will introduce themselves and enjoy a light lunch. The discussion topic for this month will be "My Daily Workout Program for Seniors."  

Arnie Schwartz

First, Personal Trainer Arnie Schwartz will give us an overview of his recommended daily workout routine for seniors. Then the meeting will be opened for an interactive discussion by the attendees, who will share their experiences.

Please join us. The meeting will be very stimulating and informative.

Please REPLY to this E-MAIL to confirm your attendance, so we can order enough food. Thanks!

Welcome to the Temple Beth Torah (TBT) Seniors Schmooze group. We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM at the temple to discuss subjects of general interest. A light lunch is provided. Our attendees include over-50-years-old temple members and non-members, men and women. We look forward to seeing you at a future meeting. Check out our meeting schedule below. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, call or e-mail.

David and Ronnie Pinkowitz

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TBT Seniors Schmooze Group
-- What: TBT Seniors Schmooze group
-- Who: TBT members and non-members over 50-years of age
-- Why: to educate, entertain and discuss
-- When: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on 3rd Monday of each month (light lunch included)
-- Where: at TBT
-- Schedule:
       -- Aug: Iran Nuclear Accord: Like it or Not? (with Henry Montag and David Pinkowitz)
       -- Sept: Six (6) Types of Retirees (with Stan Broitman, Marvin Broitman and David Pinkowitz)
       -- Oct: Using Facebook to Keep in Touch (with Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg and David Pinkowitz)
       -- Nov: Mussar Teachings: Everyday Holiness (with Rabbi Susie Moskowitz, Robin Steinberg and DCP)
       -- Dec: Nutrition & Exercise (with Cantor Sarene Appelbaum, Arnold Schwartz and DCP)
       -- Jan: TBT is closed. Lunch meeting at Bertucci's ($10 pp)
       -- Feb CANCELLED: Creating a Photo Album in the Cloud (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
       -- Mar: Creating a Photo Album in the Cloud (with David and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
       -- Apr: Investment Strategies for Seniors (with Lee Rosenberg, Ken Baer and Henry Montag)
       -- May: Hobbies That I Enjoy (with Hal Kopman and Paul Lieberman)
       -- Jun: Vacations That I've Enjoyed (with Jeff Pomerantz, George Borsuk and Claire Leifer)
       -- Jul: Genealogy for Beginners (with Nina Sitron and Renee Steinig)
       -- Aug: Personal Growth for Seniors (with Elaine Kleinmann)
       -- Sept: Tour and Film at Glen Cove Holocaust Museum
       -- Oct: TBT CLOSED. Seniors Schmooze lunch at Bertucci's in Melville. Cost $10 pp. Watch e-mail.
       -- Nov: Dishes That I Enjoy Preparing . . and Eating (with Judy Roth and Lori Pomerantz)
        -- Dec: Tips & Tricks for Using Your Smartphone Effectively (with Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg & DCP)
        -- Jan: TBT CLOSED . . Family Caregiving (with Sharon Reichman) at Bertucci's ($10 pp cost)
        -- Mar 20: My Daily Workout Program for Seniors (with Arnie Schwartz)
        -- May 15: Six (6) Wealth Management Case Studies (with Lee Rosenberg, Ken Baer & Henry Montag)
        -- Jun 19: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren (with David Pinkowitz and Ronnie Pinkowitz)
        -- July 17: Anti-Semitism on College Campuses (with David Pinkowitz and Sandy Berland)
        -- Aug 21: Books That I've Enjoyed (with TBD and TBD.)
        -- Sept 18: Mind and Body Health (with TBD and TBD.)