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Co-Stewards' Message

White Davidson by Cheryl Davidson & Ken White

Welcome to the LI STEM Hub e-Newsletter for December. We hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

We want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

December is a time for us to celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments for the past year. As we look back to the 2nd anniversary of the LI STEM Hub and 2013, we are amazed and humbled at all that has been accomplished.

Two years ago, while struggling to get all of the pieces of the STEM puzzle in place, we were given the advice to "just get started." Since that time, our activities and momentum continue to build. Through strong and passionate partnerships, the LI STEM Hub has; launched 8 RICS (Regional Industry Councils), developed solid leadership through our Board of Champions, produced the Gap Analysis Report to identify LI areas of need, are helping transform student learning through support to 6 Career Academies, and the list continues.

Have fun and rest up, because 2014 is looking to be an even more productive and exciting year!

Events Calendar


Long Island STEM Hub events are shown on the Web site Calendar at

Sample events include:
-- Jan 10th: College-to-Career Connection
For more info, click here >>

-- Jan 14th: Aerospace RIC Meeting
For more info, click here >>

-- Jan 22nd: Homeland Security RIC Meeting
For more info, click here >>

Please submit your LI STEM-related events to
for inclusion in the Events Calendar.


The LI STEM Hub industry partners are continuously working together to offer students an opportunity to spend time in an industry setting, in order to gain a better insight of the industry needs and its applications to academic content.

If you can offer an Internship opportunity within your company, please request an intern here.

Other Resources Available are:
Companies, Teachers & Individuals can join a Regional Industry Council (RIC)
Teachers can apply for Professional Work Experience
Students can apply for a High School Internship
Students can apply for a College Internship

ConnectToTech STEMsearch Portal -- Check it out by clicking here
(You can find a STEM education program, request a speaker, provide an industry tour, request a job shadow or volunteer.)
All -- to submit a LI STEM program to our database, click here

Energy & Environment RIC

Gunthner Dale by Dorian Dale, Mark Gunthner & Dr Mel Morris

The Energy and Environment RIC has a Green STEM initiative underway at the William Floyd school district. It entails phantom load student research using the UFO Power Center.

The Energy and Environment RIC participated in the Brookhaven National Lab Sci-Ed day. Two educators from William Floyd assisted us at our booth and discussed with attendees the Green STEM programs they are initiating in their school district. Exhibits at the Sci-Ed day that were very popular included: an infrared video on a TV, an infrared camera to detect heat leakage, and a model demonstrating the insulation of a house.

The Energy and Environment RIC has acquired over 90 UFO Power Centers to be loaned to schools as tools for facilitating Green Stem education. They were offered to interested educators at the Sci-Ed day.

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To join the LinkedIn Group for the Energy & Environment RIC, click here.

Engineering & Architecture RIC

Anid Cameron by John Cameron & Nada Anid

The Engineering & Architecture Regional Industry Council (E&A RIC) is part of the Long Island STEM Hub initiative. We formed this year and have representatives from consulting engineering and architectural firms and government agencies on our committee along with teachers and administrators from a number of secondary schools. We issued a Request for Expressions of Interest for our first project: the Reconstruction and Resilience Challenge and received letters back from 11 schools representing 14 or more teams from grades 3-12.

The Submissions Summary has a column for 'Mentors Needed.' We will have industry mentors for each of the disciplines. As described in the RFEI, we suggested to the schools that undergraduate (or graduate) students would be available to assist with mentoring. The E&A RIC imagined that undergraduate or graduate 'Junior Advisors' (or some other title) would provide assistance to the secondary school teachers involved in the Challenge. The schools will be submitting a 'Proposal' to the E&A RIC as described in the participant Follow-up by Thanksgiving. We need to provide the schools with guidance as to how our mentoring effort will work no later than the week of Dec 23rd.

To join the LinkedIn Group for the Engineering & Architecture RIC, click here.

Manufacturing RIC

DiStefano Barello by Gary Barello & Rita DiStefano

On November 20, 2013 the Manufacturing RIC attended a meeting with HIA-LI/ADDAPT Manufacturing Committee. There was a presentation on "How Do We Keep Manufacturing Alive?" There was also an interactive discussion with students currently participating in the STEM Career Academies at East Islip High School. The students spoke with the audience of Manufacturing company executives. The meeting was facilitated by Cheryl Davidson, Rita DiStefano, Anne-Shybunko-Moore and John Lombardo.

The Manufacturing RIC has been invited to participate in Suffolk County Community College's first Career Conference in Spring 2014 to discuss how best to help shape the goals and objectives for the college -- as it moves forward with career exploration events intended to help students and faculty gain insight and exposure to various paths possible for students.

The Manufacturing RIC has been asked to meet with David Ferguson at Stony Brook University to discuss programs already under way regarding extraordinary accomplishments in working to bring underrepresented populations into the STEM pipeline. The meeting is planned for January 2014.

To join the LinkedIn Group for the Manufacturing RIC, click here.

Aerospace RIC

Stromer Parton by Andrew Parton, Michael Stromer &
      Peter Rettaliata

The next meeting of the Aerospace RIC is scheduled for 9:30am - 11:00am on Tuesday January 14th at the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

On November 18th over 300 students and 27 companies attended a STEM Careers Expo at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. For more info, click here >>

To join the LinkedIn Group for the Aerospace RIC, click here.

Information Technology RIC

Nizich DeRosa Murrah by Judy Murrah, Bob DeRosa &
      Michael Nizich

Our December 6th general meeting at St. Joseph's College was packed with tips for building STEM momentum in your school, so we'll focus on a sampling for this month:

  • Career Academy spotlighted by East Islip's Izzy Malinowitzer generated a passionate discussion among everyone on STEM curriculum and student successes.
  • Lauren Hubbard of the Maritime Explorium in Pt. Jefferson overviewed a new STEM program for girls; sponsors are invited to help extend the offering. Volunteer (students and teachers!) opportunities are available to help out with social media, Web site development and more. Says Lauren, "if you have skills, we have a need!"
  • Teachers contributed ideas for interesting STEM field trips including the Morrelly Homeland Security Building, CA Technologies, Village of Patchogue Waste Water Treatment Plant, Brookhaven Landfill.
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To join the LinkedIn Group for the Information Technology RIC, click here.

Healthcare & Life Sciences RIC

Davidson Sweetapple by Carolyn Sweetapple & Cheryl Davidson

The Healthcare and Life Sciences RIC held a meeting on December 12th at the East Islip High School. Below is a summary of the meeting:

Sweetapple New RIC Chair:
Welcome Carolyn Sweetapple, AVP of Operations, North Shore-LIJ Health System as the new Healthcare and Life Sciences RIC Chair. She is replacing Joseph Cabral, SVP/CHRO NSLIJ who was our inaugural chair for two years.

Spotlight on Baldwin and East Islip Career Academies:
On November 14 and 15, STEM leadership came to Long Island to see the different styles of career academies developing. Margaret Ashida, director of the national STEMx and Phil Ortiz, director of NYS Empire STEM Network toured the Career Academy programs of Baldwin and East Islip. Baldwin's Career Academy includes the industries of Healthcare, Engineering, and Global Business, consisting of students from 9th to 12th grade. East Islip's Career Academy includes the industries of Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy/Environment, and Global Business, consisting of students in 12th grade. Through these visits, both Margaret Ashida and Phil Ortiz got an inside look in how to implement these programs as well as seeing the impact it has on the students, teachers, and the community as a whole. Both of these academies are styled differently, but both are extremely effective. Ashida and Ortiz were amazed and impressed by the programs implemented.

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Picture: Academy3 (Left) Catherine Osiecki, BNL; Lauren Pearson, NSLIJ; Cheryl Davidson, NSLIJ; Margaret Ashida, STEM X; Phil Ortiz, Empire STEM Learning Network   (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

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To join the LinkedIn Group for the Healthcare & Life Sciences RIC, click here.

Homeland Security RIC

Antar Kostanoski Rotanz by Rich Rotanz, John Kostanoski
     & David Antar

The next meeting of the Homeland Security RIC will be held on January 22, 2014 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at   A+ Technology & Security Solutions (1490 North Clinton Ave, Bay Shore NY 11706). Attendees should RSVP to Yvonne Prossimo at   or call 631-675-2245.

Global Business RIC

Cole Socci Famularo by Adam Famularo, Patrick Socci
     & Tanya Cole

The Global Business RIC has developed the following resources:

Mapping the Nation   (Linking Local to Global)
Is the U.S. Ready for a Global Future?
Global New York
Importance of Global Competence for U.S. Students

December 2013

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The Long Island Regional STEM Hub, established in 2011, is one of ten hubs forming as part of the Empire State STEM Learning Network. It is comprised of many partners across the Long Island Region including; K-12 school districts, universities and colleges, informal education centers, government, and business/industry partners.

Its mission is to develop an integrated, effective, and cohesive regional system that will increase the number of students interested in and prepared for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers on Long Island. Through partnerships between industry, academia and informal education providers, we will promote workforce readiness and academic relevance that supports the economic growth and vitality of the region.

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