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Co-Stewards' Message

White Davidson by Cheryl Davidson & Ken White

Welcome to the LI STEM Hub e-Newsletter for November. We hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

Long Island as a region is focused on attracting new high tech industries as well as sustaining, retaining and growing those already established. Longer term success for our high tech, STEM-based businesses will require a qualified workforce.

The LI STEM Hub offers a strategic approach to developing the business and academic partnerships necessary to meet the needs of our growing industry base. The outcomes will be mutually beneficial in that a strong STEM workforce will drive innovation, attract and retain high tech industries, and through multiplier effects, drive the service and retail industries also important to the region.

The LI STEM Hub industry partners are continuously working together to offer students an opportunity to spend time in an industry setting to gain a better insight of the industry needs and its applications to academic content.

Resources available to you are:

Companies can request an intern
Companies, Teachers & Individuals can join a Regional Industry Council (RIC)
Teachers can apply for Professional Work Experience
Students can apply for a High School Internship
Students can apply for a College Internship

ConnectToTech STEMsearch Portal -- Check it out by clicking here
(You can find a STEM education program, request a speaker, provide an industry tour, request a job shadow or volunteer.)
All -- to submit a LI STEM program to our database, click here

Events Calendar


Long Island STEM Hub events are shown on the Web site Calendar at

Sample events include:
-- Nov 18th: 3rd Annual LI STEM Hub Career Expo
For more info, click here >>
-- Nov 25th: LI STEM Hub Information Session
For more info, click here >>

Please submit your LI STEM-related events to
for inclusion in the Events Calendar.

Energy & Environment RIC

Gunthner Dale by Dorian Dale, Mark Gunthner & Dr Mel Morris

Working with industry, our RIC provides Environmental, Energy, and STEM-based resources to schools through the following efforts:
  • Help to advance an awareness of the Green Schools Movement
  • Develop hands-on STEM projects and curriculum in environmental education, energy efficiency, clean energy, and advanced energy solutions for use by students and teachers
  • Involve students and teachers in programs and research projects to help increase an awareness of future energy and environmental needs
  • Engage students with green business on Long Island to increase student awareness of energy and environment job opportunities
To join the LinkedIn Group for the Energy & Environment RIC, click here.

Engineering & Architecture RIC

Anid Cameron by John Cameron & Nada Anid

Our Goals:
  • Work with K-12 schools to generate excitement for engineering and architecture classes and careers through project-based initiatives with industry mentors and local undergraduate assistants
  • Assist our academic partners prepare a skilled and competitive engineering and architecture workforce
To join the LinkedIn Group for the Engineering & Architecture RIC, click here.

Manufacturing RIC

DiStefano Barello by Gary Barello & Rita DiStefano

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturing jobs have not all gone overseas; in fact, manufacturing is thriving on Long Island!! Bringing industry and schools together, our RIC strives to highlight the many varied manufacturing STEM careers available on Long Island.

To join the LinkedIn Group for the Manufacturing RIC, click here.

Aerospace RIC

Stromer Parton by Andrew Parton, Michael Stromer &
      Peter Rettaliata

Our goals:
  • Create a gateway for aerospace education and career growth for STEM related opportunities in Long Island and surrounding areas
  • Create awareness amongst students, parents, and educators about the value of careers in STEM with a bend towards aerospace related careers
  • Provide an avenue for these audiences to find more information, including Web content, career fairs, social media, scholarships and career opportunities that might peak interest
To join the LinkedIn Group for the Aerospace RIC, click here.

Information Technology RIC

Nizich DeRosa Murrah by Judy Murrah, Bob DeRosa &
      Michael Nizich

Over 100 volunteers annually have engaged with over 9,000 students and teachers in over 30 school districts and universities on Long Island alone to connect the academic school day to real-world technology experience through workplace tours and job shadowing, technology trade shows, and presentations by professionals in school.

An extensive set of online information resource material is available through, for regional activities, for social communities.

To join the LinkedIn Group for the Information Technology RIC, click here.

Healthcare & Life Sciences RIC

Davidson Cabral by Joseph Cabral & Cheryl Davidson

Our goals:
  • Improve awareness of STEM career pathways in Healthcare and the Life Sciences for students
  • Increase STEM educational opportunities in Healthcare and the Life Sciences
  • Motivate students to appreciate the role of science in their lives.
  • Develop Partnerships between the K-12 schools, colleges/universities and healthcare/life science industries on Long Island.
To join the LinkedIn Group for the Healthcare & Life Sciences RIC, click here.

Homeland Security RIC

Antar Kostanoski Rotanz by Rich Rotanz, John Kostanoski
     & David Antar

Check this section next month for current information.

Global Business RIC

Cole Socci Famularo by Adam Famularo, Patrick Socci
     & Tanya Cole

Check this section next month for current information.

November 2013

e-Newsletter Archive

The Long Island Regional STEM Hub, established in 2011, is one of ten hubs forming as part of the Empire State STEM Learning Network. It is comprised of many partners across the Long Island Region including; K-12 school districts, universities and colleges, informal education centers, government, and business/industry partners.

Its mission is to develop an integrated, effective, and cohesive regional system that will increase the number of students interested in and prepared for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers on Long Island. Through partnerships between industry, academia and informal education providers, we will promote workforce readiness and academic relevance that supports the economic growth and vitality of the region.

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