Welcome to the September issue of the Huntington Anti-Bias Taskforce (HABTF) quarterly newsletter. The HABTF is a non-partisan group formed by the Town of Huntington in conjunction with the Suffolk County Anti-Bias Task Force. It is made up of concerned clergy, community representatives and lay persons who work together to address the issue of intolerance, prejudice, discrimination and racism in any segment of our Town.

We've been meeting monthly since January 2019 and have accomplished quite a lot. Check out some of our projects below. For more information about HABTF, click

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Carmen Kasper, Director Human Services

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    2nd Precinct SCPD Report
By Inspector William Scrima

In the months of June and July 2020, there were seven significant incidents in The Second Precinct that were reported to have elements of bias.

On June 1, 2020, a social media post, threatening white people, was reported by Huntington School District security. There were no threats directed to any individuals.

On June 7, 2020, Maplewood School in Huntington Station reported that swastikas and other bias graffiti were scratched into several windows. SCPD Hate Crimes Unit is investigating.

On June 7, 2020, a swastika was scratched in the road at Wawapek Rd in Cold Spring Harbor. There was no house in the area of the graffiti and no known target. Second Precinct Crime Section is investigating.

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Please visit the department Website at  for more information.

    Hate Has No Business in Huntington Campaign
By Eve Krief

At a press conference at Heckscher Park, Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci said, “Huntington really is a slice of everything America is and should be,” and quoted the project’s slogan,”Hate Has No Business in Huntington.”

The Huntington Anti-Bias Task Force initiative features a poster that pledges respect for refugees, people of all faiths, backgrounds and genders.

The town’s Anti-Bias Task Force, Vision Long Island and the Long Island Main Street Alliance, Inspector William Scrima of the SCPD 2nd Precinct, representatives from local Chambers of Commerce and Business Improvement Districts participated in the press conference.

“Words matter,” said Dr. Eve Krief, who organized the volunteers to hand out and post the 'Hate Has No Business in Huntington' posters at businesses throughout Huntington.

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    One Huntington Summit on Racial Harmony
By Dick Koubek

Recent attention on Long Island and nationally to America’s “original sin” of racism has prompted the Huntington Anti-Bias Task Force (HABTF) to develop and host a summit. The date is "To Be Determined" 2021 based upon the situation with COVID-19 and avoiding conflict with other local events. There will be workshops containing action plans and resources to promote racial understanding, solidarity, equity, harmony and meaningful changes in the Town of Huntington.

Topic breakout sessions will include Faith Leaders, Teachers, Families, Affordable Housing, Youth Anti-Bias Ambassadors, Healthcare, Government, Business, Police, PTA/ /Youth, Fair Housing Activists, Environmental Racism, and more.

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     Diversity in HABTF Membership
By Helen Boxwill

Please join us at one of our monthly Huntington Anti-Bias Task Force meetings. You will experience richness in faiths, professions, people and ideas. It is truly energizing. Our work together has resulted in growth and a great deal of accomplishment. Our members suggest ideas that blossom into contributions from many. They ask questions and receive helping hands and responses from brilliant minds. Our group includes spiritual leaders -- Rabbis, Priests, Ministers, an Imam -- and people from churches, mosques, synagogues, a Hindu Temple, Black Churches, non-creedal religions, and Christian congregations. Also in attendance are School district administrators, the Inspector from our police precinct, and representatives from various community groups -- such as Parent Leadership Initiative, LIICAH, Sepa Mujer, LGTBQ Teach, Leaders of the New School and LINC. Our Town of Huntington members include staff working with youth, seniors, the disabled, minority affairs and a councilperson.

It is very moving and rewarding to see all these folks come together and work on projects -- with a shared vision of helping others and welcoming ALL. We have lots of great dreams and plans. Join the magic. For more information contact, Carmen Kasper, Director of Human Services at 631-351-3304 or

    Hate Has No Home in Huntington Lawn Signs
By Susan Dewey-Hammer

The anticipated success and expected wide adoption of the Hate-Has-No-Business-in-Huntington Poster Campaign for stores ( spawned the idea for a campaign with the message Hate-Has-No-Home-in-Huntington. This campaign was best implemented with lawn signs, but the cost was felt to be prohibitive. HABTF launched a fundraising campaign in the Huntington community. The outpouring of donations -- small and large -- was amazing. Dozens of donors responded to the request and money was raised to pay for 500 lawn signs ( Watch for these lawn signs to be distributed widely in Huntington in the coming weeks by a small army of student volunteers who helped distribute the posters. If you would like a lawn sign, contact Carmen Kasper at

    Bias, Equity and Injustice
By Denise Ham

Over the next several months, the Huntington Anti-Bias Task Force (HABTF) will share resources and information to enhance understanding, equity and healing. As part of this process, the HABTF Newsletter will provide factual, sourced information, definitions, and other suggested tips that allow for effective communication. As we continue to support social distancing guidelines during the pandemic, we will also be announcing Zoom sessions covering relevant topics and current events. These sessions and articles will support our goals of deepening our understanding of issues and the perspective and experience of others, as well as considering personal and collective responsibility.

Terminology to consider: Implicit Bias and Unconscious Bias

Implicit Bias, also referred to as Unconscious Bias, is the platform upon which our unwitting discrimination rests. There are subtle differences between implicit bias and unconscious bias, but the following broad definition applies to both.

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