DashboardNY provides interim, part-time and supplemental Chief Financial Officer and Controller services to small and mid-sized businesses. We provide clients with flexible and effective solutions on an as-needed basis, eliminating the costly expense of a full-time employee. Dashboard's team delivers a combination of financial expertise, accounting management, and practical business knowledge to drive achievement of financial goals. This range and level of service not only allows our clients to focus on their "core business," but it also enables them to achieve financial goals that might otherwise be out of reach. DashboardNY provides solutions for organizations that don't have a full-time need for unique skills and highly-talented people.

DashboardNY offers its services through Cloud Computing platforms and traditional Accounting software. In either environment, we are the Trusted Advisor and the "in the trenches" MVP of our client's teams.

Carol Soman, CPA is President of DashboardNY. She is a senior financial executive with over 35 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Operations Officer and Certified Public Accountant. Her strong background in finance, sales, and business development combine to deliver unique benefits to her clients. Carol is an entrepreneurial executive who has demonstrated a strong ability to be an instrument of corporate change.

DashboardNY's broad range of distinctive services includes:
As a part-time CFO, we serve as a trusted financial advisor for budgeting and forecasting, cash flow and other strategic planning. We are the primary client ally in their relationships with attorneys, insurance and financial experts, banks, and other professionals. As a part-time Controller, we are responsible for the client's financial reporting, preparation of budgets, Key Performance Indicators, and other management reports. Our part-time Accounting and Bookkeeping services specialize in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll Processing.

"Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant if not the only source of competitive advantage" -- Peter F Drucker

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